Why Sell Your Leads With Us ?

1. Build trust among potential lead buyers through ratings & reviews from your existing clients. Helps you sell more.

2. Get benefitted from our increasing search engine ranking & social presence. Our current reach is about 100 lead buyers/month. We are working to grow this number 300 lead buyers/month.

3. Our platform opens 2nd channel of sales for you.

4. We promote your special offerings to clients by emails.  

5. Buyers trust to buy from marketplace sort of places like ours.

How To Sell With Us

1. We will create a post about your offerings & processes.

2. You can redirect users to your website or you can directly accept payment from your page on our platform.

3. We can also accept the payment on your behalf & transfer it to you.

4. Buyers will rate your services, it’s important to ensure the quality leads. Buyers have all the rights to rate your offerings but we ensure that claims of buyers are right about your services before approving their review to publish.


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