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Amazing for running paid ads!

It can't be better! You get details of people who don't have website and chances are higher they are looking for one & cost is just about 1 cent/lead!

Good leads with excellent guidance from seller, never experienced such support while buying leads. Good job guys!!

If you want results you must know how to use it

Got my first project with your leads, thanks!!

by Vinay Tiwari on Whois Database

Buy ittt!!!

Finally got a genuine leads supplier!

Worth it!!

Leads seems to be good for now but if clients interest were qualified it would be better leads

I am getting response...sooo.. it is nice!!!

I got what they say but leads don't reply to my sales emails or calls. So it's no for me now!

by Usman on Whois Database

Thinking to buy ? It's safe bet!

Get it, you won't regret it!

Different breed of leads, just another type. Try it for 2 months and you will know why others are buying

2nd month..good so far

by Jamie on Whois Database

Undoubtedly, the best.

Cost effective and generated in unique way. Must try! Cheers!

I see clients don't have websites and they seem like new business owners but how do I convert ???

Brilliant! Most of the leads are e-commerce clients.

Better than expected, keep up the good work!

Sealed my first deal, small ecommerce site project!

Happy with leads, thanks!!!

by Nikesh Khullar on Whois Database

Awesome service 🙂

Better than most of providers. Safe to try.

Hi everyone, I can recommend you to buy this monthly leads bunch. Before you buy you must be sure how to use 9000 leads every month in organised manner.

by Pankaj Kumar on Whois Database

Cheapest price in market comes with best quality whois database. Thanks!

Use the leads for FB or Adwords campaign to get the best out of it.

Leads are certainly unique because of the way they are generated. Clients are interested in buying services but not very eager to start, working on conversion now.

by Michal on Whois Database

Accurate daily whois database, attractive price and on-time delivery. Perfect!

For everyone who is planning to buy this leads pack; I assumed these will be qualified leads but they were not. It's a daily list of potential web design clients who may or may not convert into sales. But it's really cost effective.

New breed of leads. Sending offers and getting response!

by Kelly on Whois Database

I was buying same leads for $99 for month, now I get it for $20 for month. You are saving $79 for me every month!

Nice leads, qualified clients. 1 converted so far out of 9 leads I received & 2 more in pipeline. Great work, guys!

Nice leads if you know how to use them exactly. With $60 ad budget using the leads as custom list I converted 3 clients.

It's nice to get 300 web design leads everyday at just $49/month. What one must know before buying that these leads are not for direct sales methods, remember these are not prequalified leads. With first look you will see these leads are actually good potential clients but you have to get your sales method right 😉

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