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Amazing for running paid ads!

It can't be better! You get details of people who don't have website and chances are higher they are looking for one & cost is just about 1 cent/lead!

Good leads with excellent guidance from seller, never experienced such support while buying leads. Good job guys!!

If you want results you must know how to use it

Got my first project with your leads, thanks!!

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How leads marketplace can help ?

To Bring In Transparency In Leads Business

We are working to bring in much needed transparency to the leads business

To Ensure Great Quality Web Design Leads

This platform ensures supply of only great quality web design leads with the help of buyers

To Organise The Scattered Leads Market

We are bringing all the buyers and sellers together to organise the leads market

To Provide Best Possible Leads Pricing

Pricing will automatically become competitive when all sellers are at one platform

To Allow Buyers Read & Write Reviews

Only leads marketplace which allows you to read and write reviews about leads quality

To Allow All Businesses Grow Together

Focus of platform is fair trade, means everyone grows together with transparency

Spread The Word & Create Awareness

How many times have your burnt your hands with web design leads ? Well..let’s not talk about it. There haven’t been any websites where your could review the leads you bought from any seller, be it good or bad. This is impacting all the people involved with leads business, be it sellers or buyers. Good sellers are loosing the business because of fear created by bad lead sellers & ultimately web design leads market has turned into chaos & impacting the business of web design agencies. We are slowly trying to bring all the sellers to this platform & you know only the ones who run fair leads businesses will come in here.

So what we all can do to ensure highest quality of leads is we can ask all lead sellers to come in front of buyers & let buyers review their services after buying leads. Ask any and all lead sellers you know or you are doing business with to have their profile on this platform & get reviewed from their lead buyers.

Want us to contact a lead seller on your behalf to join this platform ?

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